If you’re caring for a senior living at home, it’s important to monitor the amount of water they are consuming daily. According to the National Institutes of Health, being dehydrated can significantly increase risks of hyperthermia, especially in older people. Heat-related illnesses can develop quickly and can be dangerous for seniors, so it’s always ideal to have water nearby and drink it before, during and after any trip made outdoors. Summer is just around the corner and here are a few tips to help your senior living at home remain safe and hydrated.

Eat Fruits And Vegetables With Every Meal

Eating fruits and vegetables won’t be a replacement for drinking water, but they are a great compliment. Some of them are more water-rich than others, including oranges, melons, berries, celery, cucumbers, bell peppers, spinach and other similar foods. And if you can’t incorporate them into every meal for some reason, eat them in between meals as a healthy snack to keep your hydration levels high.

Stay Out Of The Sun And Wear Sun Protection

Seniors must be conscious of how much time they spend in the sun during the summer. If an elderly person has to be outside, then it’s important to stay in a shady spot as much as possible, wear a large hat that covers the entire face and use other means of protection to shield from the sun. Having an electric scooter is nice also since it helps get them from one place to another quickly, especially on long walks in hot grocery store parking lots. Just be sure you also have an auto lift to make it easier and quicker to transport the scooter.

Invest In A Nice Water Bottle Or Thermos

It can be difficult to keep track of how much water you drink if you continuously fill up a glass or cup. Instead, consider investing in a good stainless steel bottle or thermos. Fill it up to the top and refill it once it’s empty. Set a goal to refill it a few times each day and keep track of every fill-up to maintain good hydration levels.

Add Some Flavor To The Water

For a senior living at home, drinking plain water can get boring. And when it gets boring to drink water, many people are less likely to drink as much as they should. This summer, consider squirting in some flavoring to make the water taste great. You can substitute artificial flavorings with a splash of fresh lime, lemon, mint, berries or any other flavor you like. 
Next Day Access knows how difficult the summer heat can be for a senior living at home. Even walking up and down the stairs inside the home can be difficult and dehydrating at times. And then if you walk outside afterward, your body has already lost fluid and the sun can dehydrate you even quicker. When you contact us, we will perform a free home assessment and make moving around your home easier and more effortless than it has ever been.