It can be easy to lose track of your healthy habits during the summer. With the outdoor gatherings, barbecues, vacations and other activities, there’s often too much easy access to unhealthy food options. It’s usually acceptable to indulge occasionally, but remember to keep your long-term healthy habits in check and do what you can to maintain a balanced diet. Preparing a nice summer salad can be healthy and tasty at the same time. Here are some great tips to consider whether you’re preparing for a party or just want a great salad for yourself.

What To Include In Your Summer Salads

Eating plain spinach salads can get old unless you have some flavors added in with it. Consider incorporating a mixture of spinach, romaine, cabbage, kale and any other leafy greens you enjoy eating. Including sources of protein like beans, nuts, seeds, lentils and grilled chicken make for a healthy and tasty addition. Avocados and hard-boiled eggs are also popular healthy choices. And of course, you can’t go wrong with fresh fruits and vegetables like raisins, tomatoes and carrots. When you’re enjoying independent living as a senior at home, many of these items can be kept in your refrigerator, freezer or pantry for a long time so they are easily accessible.

Ingredients To Avoid

Creamy dressings, processed cheese and other unhealthy toppings may make your salad taste great, but don’t promote healthy habits. Opt for grilled chicken over fried chicken and choose olive oil-based dressing instead of ranch dressing or bleu cheese. Glazed nuts, granola, canned fruit and dried fruit may seem harmless, but they often include added sugars to make them taste better. Processed meats and croutons have a high amount of sodium and should be limited or avoided.

Get Creative While Maintaining Healthy Habits

No one ever said healthy habits have to be boring or tasteless. Whether you’re enjoying independent living at home or preparing for a gathering of guests, a creative and healthy salad is a great choice to offer. Incorporate a unique mixture of various ingredients to create deep flavors to enjoy. The great thing is there are so many different combinations there’s sure to be something you can find that you like. This summer, experiment while maintaining healthy habits and spruce up your dinners for the better.

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