Aging in place is a popular goal for many seniors. Living in the comfort of your home is attractive for many reasons, including not having to deal with the pressures of meeting certain standards at assisted living facilities and simply being more comfortable with your surroundings. However, some homes are not equipped with the proper aids to help seniors age in place. Many times it simply takes minor adjustments to make any given home easier to navigate, and we’ve discussed three of the most common products to consider here.

Wheelchair Ramp

Whether you use a wheelchair or not, a wheelchair ramp can be a great alternative to using stairs to enter the home. As you get older, your depth perception can change and you might accidentally not lift your foot high enough to step up. And sometimes, it may simply be a struggle to lift your feet that high to climb stairs. In both of those situations, a wheelchair ramp can solve the problem. They are simple to install for professionals, and they can make them look great from an aesthetic perspective as well. Just let the professional know your needs and desires, and they can build it per your standards.

Grab Bars

Installing grab bars throughout the home can be one of the most important investments for seniors who want to age in place easily and safely. These are most commonly installed in bathrooms since the floors can get slippery. They are much stronger than towel bars or other similar products and can hold your entire weight if you would happen to slip and grab onto it. Place them anywhere you want to feel more secure as you’re navigating your home, and it could be the difference between being safe and accidentally falling.

Stair Lift

Whether you have stairs indoors or outdoors, a stair lift can be an essential product for people who want to age in place. There’s a good chance that stairs will become increasingly difficult to navigate as you get older, and a stair lift is a viable solution for most people. It can be installed on various types of staircases, and all you have to do is sit on the seat, press a button, and get transported up or down. You won’t have to be fearful or tentative about navigating the stairs again, and you’ll have access to your entire home at the same time.

Next Day Access believes everyone who wants to age in place at their home should be able to. Everyone’s situation is different, but many times it simply takes a few home modifications to make aging in place a reality for seniors. Take a look around your home and see how things could be improved to make it easier to navigate. If you haven’t used mobility aids before, then consider reaching out to us for a free home assessment. We would be thrilled to discuss the various options with you, so contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started aging in place.