Sudden injuries can happen at any time. And when those injuries occur to your feet or legs, it can put a temporary halt to your normal day-to-day life. Whether the injury will limit your mobility for just a few weeks or a few years, you have some options to help you get around and live your life to the fullest extent possible. Finding the right mobility device is crucial, and we’ve provided you with some options to help you think about solutions.

Manual Or Power Wheelchair

A manual wheelchair is a cost-effective option to help you continue going places following your foot or leg injury. You won’t have to walk on your injured foot or leg, and it’s much easier to carry any belongings you have compared to other options. A power wheelchair may be even more effective depending on how you’ll use it. You simply move a joystick or button to move around with minimal effort. If you’ll mostly be staying around your home, then you may not want to incur the expense of a power wheelchair, but it can be well worth the money if you frequently go out of the house.

Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter provides one of the easiest ways to get around with a foot or leg injury. It requires minimal effort to move and, depending on the model you have, it may have plenty of storage for your personal items. Places like grocery stores and shopping centers offer mobility scooters for disabled people, but you can also load yours up on a vehicle lift and take it wherever you need to go. Various options are available depending on the terrain you commonly experience. Four-wheeled versions are used for riding on sidewalks, uneven ground, and slightly rugged terrain. Three-wheeled versions can help you turn tight corners with ease and may be more ideal for navigating around your home.

Buying vs. Renting Mobility Products

The good news is if your foot or leg injury is just temporary, then you can rent mobility products rather than buy them to own. So if you just need a mobility scooter for 4-6 weeks, it may make more sense financially to rent it during that time instead of buying it and not using it once your injury has healed. Regardless of the mobility product you choose, it’s important to remember that you have options to ensure you can live your life to the fullest extent possible as you’re recovering.

At Next Day Access, we want to help you get into the mobility device you need to continue living your life. We offer various products for rent and purchase and have plenty of options to suit your needs. You may not know exactly which mobility device is right for you, but our experts can walk you through the different options to help you make the right choice. Feel free to contact us at any time for advice or to get answers to any questions you may have.