A lift chair can significantly enhance a person’s quality of life and how much they enjoy relaxing in their home. Part of senior living may include aches, pains, soreness, or other conditions or diseases that limit mobility. Sitting down in a recliner may be simple enough, but getting back up is usually the most difficult part for seniors. With a lift chair, simply press a button to tilt the chair at the perfect angle to make getting out a breeze. If you’re considering purchasing a lift chair, here are some examples of when it may be time to invest in one.

Severe Mobility Limitations In Seniors

Falling can be devastating for seniors and can significantly impact how enjoyable independent senior living is. When sitting or lying down for an extended time, muscles, bones, and joints may experience a little pain when it’s time to get up. With power lift recliners, you can ease yourself up slowly until you get to a point where you can put your feet on the floor without shifting your bodyweight much. Compared to traditional recliners, power lift recliners are much safer in this regard.

Getting in and out of bed can be challenging as well. The good news with some power lift recliners is they are comfortable enough to sleep in instead of your bed. Add some additional padding for comfort, if needed, and recline yourself back to the perfect position to get quality sleep.

Caregivers Need Assistance

A lift chair is valuable to have for caregivers as well. Whether a senior loved one has mobility limitations due to age or experiencing an injury or a recent surgery, lift chairs can make moving them from one room to the next much easier. Instead of having to lift your loved one up and potentially lose balance, a lift chair puts them in a position where all you need to do is act as a brace for them as they get up. 

Safety Is A Concern

One of the fears seniors have about independent living is accidentally falling and injuring themselves, even when they are generally healthy. If safety is a concern, then a lift chair can provide peace of mind and eliminate one obstacle in the home. You don’t have to have a medical condition or a severe mobility limitation to use a lift chair. It’s a great investment to have to prevent injuries from occurring and to experience senior living accident-free.

Next Day Access has a quality line of power lift recliners available for you to choose from. Whether you simply want a basic lift chair to tilt you into a comfortable position, or if you want other luxurious features, we have you covered. For some seniors, lift chairs are necessities rather than luxuries if they have mobility limitations. We want to help equip you with the perfect chair to enhance your quality of life and have some peace of mind at the same time, so contact us today to learn about our options.