Most people in the United States will either know someone with a disability or will have one themselves. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 61 million Americans live with a disability, which equates to about one out of every four adults. The severity of disabilities varies among people, though. Some may only require a wheelchair ramp outside of their home, while others may need a complete home renovation. Here are five ways you can easily make your home more accessible.

Install A Wheelchair Ramp

Improving the exterior entrance of your home is simple to do with a wheelchair ramp. Just be sure to have a professional install it for safety purposes and to ensure the slope is exactly what it should be. You can design your wheelchair ramp to be as wide as you need it to and can choose from various materials. Enjoy easy accessibility to your front door without sacrificing any curb appeal of your home.

Place Grab Bars Throughout The Home

Grab bars can be essential for people with mobility limitations or balance concerns. They are most often placed in bathrooms and showers since they provide stability when walking on slick surfaces. However, they can easily be installed anywhere throughout your home if you need them to be. 

Rearrange Living Room And Bedroom Furniture

Whether you’ve experienced an unexpected disability or if you’re simply getting older and unable to move around as easily, rearranging furniture can help tremendously. Couches and recliners can be replaced with smaller versions, or you could even opt for a lift chair to help you get up easier. Rugs may also need to be removed as they can present unnecessary trip hazards.

Invest In A Walk-In Tub

A walk-in tub should be one of the first things to invest in if you have balance concerns. Too many people slip and fall in the shower and injure themselves as a result. A walk-in tub provides much more safety as you don’t have to lift your feet as high to step in and can easily clean yourself without having to move too much. Increase the safety even more by installing grab bars around the tub to conveniently grab when getting in and out.

Widen Doorways And Use Threshold Ramps

If you use a walker or wheelchair to navigate your home, consider widening the doorways if they are a little tight. Some thresholds in doorways can be challenging and create hazards, so using a threshold ramp might be beneficial as well. Limited maneuverability can be dangerous and inconvenient, but can be solved by creating more of an open concept in your home.

Next Day Access offers a wide variety of home accessibility products and solutions to make mobility a breeze. Most of the time home accessibility can be improved without having to completely renovate your space. If you believe your home could be more accessible, don’t hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to provide you with a free assessment.