Getting in and out of a vehicle can be challenging if you’re dealing with an injury or simply have a hard time getting around. A wheelchair vehicle lift is designed to allow you or your loved one to remain active by providing simple transportation of your mobility devices. Interior and exterior solutions are available, as well as options depending on the type of vehicle you commonly ride in. 

How A Vehicle Lift Works

From basic to technical and everywhere in between, there’s an auto lift available to suit your needs. In a general sense, a vehicle lift works by wheeling your mobility device onto a platform, then it easily loads into your cargo space or secures it to the outside of the vehicle. When you reach your destination, a simple push of a button will lower the mobility device down safely so you can move without limitations like you would at your home.

Types of Vehicle Lifts

Whether you use a wheelchair, scooter or similar device, many different types of vehicle lifts are available to fit your lifestyle. Some of the most common types include:

  • Wheelchair lifts. A wheelchair lift can be used inside or outside your vehicle, depending on the type of automobile you own. These can be installed on the back of SUVs, loaded into the back of a truck, on the hitch of a truck and even connected to small cars.
  • Scooter lifts. These lifts lower to the ground smoothly so the scooter can be rolled directly onto the platform. Once it is secured, a push of a button raises it to a safe height for transportation. The model you select depends on whether you have a 3-wheel or 4-wheel scooter, what the dimensions are, the weight limit and more.
  • Platform lifts. If you have multiple mobility devices and use them all for various occasions, then a platform lift is a viable option. These are suitable for most wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters and other devices. Sometimes you need your wheelchair to go to one place, but your scooter will be ideal for another place. With a platform lift, you’re ready to go at all times.

Caregivers and people with mobility limitations can continue living their lives as normally as possible with a quality vehicle lift. Next Day Access has you covered with various types of lifts so contact us to schedule a consultation today.