One of the most effective ways for the aging population to stay healthy is by incorporating exercise into their daily routine. Some seniors may not like the idea of exercising at home for safety reasons, but the National Council on Aging suggests that the risk of doing home exercises is no higher than when exercising with a group. Whether you’re a caregiver providing senior care for an elderly loved one or if you are a senior focused on independent living, here are some great exercises to consider participating in.


Yoga is a popular way for seniors to exercise since it is easy on the joints, is low-impact and focuses on strengthening the body and the mind at the same time. After participating in multiple yoga sessions, you may feel a better sense of balance, stability and flexibility. All of these improvements can give you more confidence as you strive for independent living, and you may even break a good sweat during each session as well.

Group Exercises

Group exercises are great for the aging population since they hold seniors accountable for attending and also provide a great social atmosphere. Aerobic classes are geared specifically for seniors and can make your body feel better afterward. There are many different types of group exercises you can participate in, including pilates, yoga, strength classes, cardio classes and many more.

Working with Resistance Bands

If you prefer going to the gym to exercise, consider working with resistance bands to challenge your muscles. You can also purchase resistance band and get the same quality workout from the comfort of your home. The great thing about resistance band workouts is they are safe and you don’t need any additional equipment to use them. These types of workouts are ideal for strengthening your back and shoulders, which could lead to an improvement in posture as well.


If you have access to a swimming pool, you can participate in a relaxing and challenging experience that’s good for your health. Boosting your cardiovascular fitness is important for the aging population, and swimming is great for not stressing out your joints and bones. Even if you aren’t a swimmer, simply walking in water that’s waist-deep can give you a workout due to the extra force needed compared to walking on the ground.


Sometimes you may not feel like exercising to the point where you break a sweat. When that happens, still consider taking a walk around the block or neighborhood just to keep your blood flowing. Investing in a fitness tracker can help you monitor how many steps you’ve taken and you can set daily goals to keep you motivated to get up and move.

Regular exercise is important for seniors striving for independent living. The right exercises can increase strength, balance, and stamina to give seniors more confidence when they move around. Feel free to contact us at any time if accessibility is a problem in your home and we would be happy to provide you with a free home assessment.