Spending quality time with your dog at home is great for both of you. As a senior living at home, a companion may be exactly what you need to reduce stress, boost your mind and spirit and more. Another health benefit of having a dog is the exercise you get when taking them for a walk. While it may not seem like it’s a strenuous outdoor activity, positive changes are happening to your mind and body with every walk. Here are some other reasons why the aging population needs to take their dog on frequent walks.

Build Strength, Improve Balance And Increase Stamina

It’s easy for a senior living at home to fall into a sedentary lifestyle, especially if they don’t have any job responsibilities. Getting out and walking or exercising may not be attractive, but if you have a dog that requires it, then you’ll be more likely to do so. A simple walk with your dog can build strength in your legs, back and other muscles. It can also improve your balance and increase your stamina the more times you go for a walk. One fear the aging population has, in general, is falling and getting injured, but a simple exercise like walking your dog can reduce that risk significantly.

Clear Your Mind And Reduce Stress

Being at home all the time may seem like a relaxing idea at first, but it can also let bad thoughts creep into your mind. Watching the news can sometimes lead to depressing thoughts and impact your mood and stress levels. Anytime you’re feeling this way, take your pet for a walk to clear your mind. An outdoor activity like this can help you get out of your environment and think more positively. Stress isn’t good for anyone, and seniors especially need to practice stress management.

Get Quality Exercise That’s Not Intense

Exercising can be difficult for the aging population due to aching joints, muscles, lack of balance and other concerns. Walking your dog is not a strenuous exercise, but it’s more beneficial for your health than you think. A daily walk can help burn enough calories to manage your weight better, improve your bone health and even aid your digestive system. 

Create Social Opportunities

A senior living at home by themselves can get bored easily. Walking your dog provides opportunities to socialize with other people who may or may not be doing the same things. Dogs are naturally social, so they won’t hesitate to greet themselves to other dogs or people. Use that as an opportunity to be friendly and strike up a conversation with a neighbor and build relationships.
Taking care of the aging population is important to Next Day Access. Every little bit of exercising you can do is beneficial for your health, and your dog will love every minute of it as well. Get out of the house today and spend some quality time with your furry friend. And if there’s anything we can do to improve the accessibility of your home or help you get from one place to another easily, contact us at any time.