Whether you have a surgical procedure planned or if you need to accommodate a guest with mobility limitations, temporary solutions are available. You can start by evaluating your home and assessing what points may be difficult for a person in a wheelchair to navigate. Anything from rugs on the floor, stairs, raised entryways and more can be a burden and create a dangerous situation. Accessibility products are available for rent and are a perfect option for providing temporary accommodations for people with limited mobility.

Consider A Temporary Wheelchair Ramp

A temporary wheelchair ramp can be used for the entryway of the home, the backyard and anywhere else stairs are normally present. Even a small threshold ramp to make raised entries smoother can go a long way in having a safe environment. These can be installed in a matter of minutes, depending on the size required, and can be removed just as quickly when you don’t need it anymore.

Make Using The Stairs A Breeze

It can make a homeowner feel uneasy when they see someone with mobility limitations use their stairs. Take this worry and fear out of the equation by having a temporary stair lift or vertical platform lift installed. Either option can be used for indoor or outdoor accessibility and create a safer way to navigate your home. The benefit of a vertical platform lift is if your guest uses a wheelchair or scooter, they won’t even have to get off to use it. They simply ride their device onto the platform and are raised and lowered to the next level safely.

Improving Bathroom Accessibility

Bathroom accessibility is one of the main things to consider, as it can be dangerous for people with balance issues. Installing grab bars next to the sink, toilet and other areas offer a little more stability and can help your guest feel more confident. Consider also installing a non-skid mat in the bathroom to prevent slipping-and-falling. Anything you can do to improve the safety of accessing the bathroom will be much appreciated by your guests.

Remove Clutter And Rearrange Furniture

Once you’ve taken care of the details of making specific rooms and entryways accessible, do a general assessment of the layout of your home. It’s easy to pick up a rug and rearrange furniture to make your area more wheelchair accessible. If you have any wires or cords in common areas, move them to another location. When you always see things in your home, it can be difficult to identify potential problems for a person with mobility limitations, so consider having someone over to have another set of eyes look around.

Our experts at Next Day Access can provide you with a free home assessment to ensure your home is ready to accommodate guests with mobility limitations. Our temporary solutions are safe and simple to install, and your guests will appreciate the extra effort you went through to keep them safe. When you contact us, we will evaluate your needs and make recommendations based on our experience as well.