Schools, hospitals and medical clinics are accustomed to heavy wheelchair traffic. How can they best create a safe and easy path in and out for wheelchair users? They can call Next Day Access.

Next Day Access provides commercial customers with the most complete line of commercial wheelchair ramps on the market.

With the same custom-order ability and variety of surface options available on our residential wheelchair ramp systems, our commercial wheelchair ramps are also modular in design, which allows for greater value and versatility and prolongs the life of the ramp. In a commercial setting, this flexible design provides an even greater benefit, as new construction or structural changes to the building may entail moving or adjusting the ramp.

The modular system design allows us to use the existing components and reconfigure the ramp or simply add components to meet any change of configuration or use. This is why Next Day Access is the preferred supplier for architects, engineers and contractors across the country.

Compliance with ADA rules is very important, for you and for the people accessing your facility. Always bear that in mind. Why risk exposure to a costly lawsuit when a Next Day Access commercial wheelchair ramp can help you maintain compliance?

Consider: For commercial use, with an individual seated in a wheelchair or on a scooter while it climbs the ramp, ADA recommends a 1:12 slope, which means that every 1″ of vertical rise requires at least 1’ (12″) of ramp length (5 degrees of incline). Example: A 24″ rise requires a minimum ramp length of 24’ (288″) (24 divided by 1).

Did you know that? We did. That’s what we do. We meet our clients’ needs by finding accessibility solutions and delivering the product. We’re Next Day Access. Call us now for your commercial or home ramp.