One thing many seniors express as being important to them when they have mobility limitations is independence. While you may not be able to help them physically feel like they can get up and do the things they want to do, home modifications for seniors can help them feel more independent. For multi-level homes, or homes with stairs indoors or outdoors, a stair lift can make a world of difference. The freedom and independence a stair lift provides may be exactly what they need to age in place happily and safely.

Easily Access Any Stairs With A Stair Lift

Whether you or your loved one has a long straight staircase, a curved staircase, stairs to a deck, patio, basement or garage, a stair lift can be installed virtually anywhere. It will be professionally installed directly to the staircase to be as stable as possible and can let you go up and down with a quick touch of a button. Many seniors and others with limited mobility often express their disappointment with not being able to access every area of their home, but a stair lift can solve some of those issues.

Custom Stair Lifts Offer Attractive Options

Stair lifts have evolved over the years to the point where they now can be customized in many ways. Depending on your specific needs, a stair lift can be configured to have different weight capacities, a power swivel chair, folding rails at the bottom of the staircase and more. Even the color of the stair lift and the attached rails can be customized to match your decor. While this aspect doesn’t necessarily boost the independence factor, it helps create an attractive look in the home to make aging in place seem a little more comfortable.

Home Modifications Can Help Seniors Age In Place

Falling down the stairs is scary for an aging adult and can lead to serious injuries. Not only that, but the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expects the financial toll to reach more than $67 billion in 2020 for treating fall-related injuries. This statistic alone is enough to scare some seniors from moving around as much as they would like in their homes, particularly going up and down stairs. Simple home modifications for seniors can make a big difference and boost their confidence. Aging in place makes sense as seniors can have a certain level of independence, while also feeling safe with accessibility assistance.

Next Day Access understands how difficult it can be to feel independent in your own home when you have mobility limitations. Whether you need a straight stair lift or a curved one, this product alone can give you the confidence and ability to access all areas of your home with relative ease. Independence is a great feeling and boosts a senior’s mental state, so contact us today to explore some of our available options and see how we can help.