Slipping and falling can be devastating for seniors. According to a study from 2007 to 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that death rates from falls increased by 30% in older adults. This is an alarming number and there are fears the number will continue rising. Practicing fall prevention methods and strategies every day is critical, but you also need to have a plan of what to do if you have a slip and fall accident. Keep these tips in mind so you know what to do first if an accident occurs.

Visit The Emergency Room Immediately

Too many people make the mistake of not going to the emergency room because they think they feel fine. And many times, they start feeling bad several hours after the accident after the adrenaline from the fall has worn off. Sometimes you don’t realize how badly injured you are because of the adrenaline factor. Whether you have mobility concerns or not, it’s ideal to visit the emergency room to get checked out so you can have some peace of mind and prevent further injuries or issues from occurring later.

Follow The Recommendations Of Medical Professionals

Your medical professional may suggest taking it easy for a few days, or they could recommend doing some rehabilitation. Regardless of what they tell you, follow their recommendations closely so you can be on the road to recovery quicker. The last thing you want to happen is your temporary injury turning into a permanent physical disability, and that’s exactly what your medical professional is trying to avoid.

Move As Much As Possible

Depending on the extent and nature of the injury, you might be asked to stay off your feet as much as possible for a few days. However, once the medical professional’s timeline ends, move around safely as much as possible. Getting your blood flowing will help the slip and fall recovery process and make sure your muscles keep operating properly. You don’t have to exhaust yourself, especially if you have mobility concerns, but going on periodic walks will help you in the short-term and long-term.

Fuel Your Body

Slip and fall recovery can be sped up with a healthy diet. A diet heavy on proteins and nutrients can speed up the recovery efforts and give you the energy to stay active. While your body is recovering from an injury, avoid things like processed meats, artificial sweeteners, refined carbohydrates, sugar, and alcohol. These types of food could slow the healing process and possibly even make any pain you’re in worse.

Slip and Fall Prevention

Next Day Access offers slip and fall prevention solutions for people with a physical disability or other mobility concerns. We do everything we can to create the safest home possible for you to live in so you won’t have to go through the aftereffects of recovering from a fall. Be proactive in creating the safest environment possible and contact us to schedule a free home assessment to see how we can make your home more accessible.