Many people aren’t aware accessibility products can be rented as well as purchased. Several situations could merit the need for a temporary rental instead of a long-term investment, including undergoing surgery with an expected full recovery, having visitors with mobility limitations and more. It’s important to accommodate any guests with mobility concerns so they can feel comfortable visiting. Renting accessibility products is simple and here are some of the most common products rented.

Wheelchair Ramp Rental

Since most people have at least one step they have to go up to enter a home, a wheelchair ramp is one of the most common products rented. Portable wheelchair ramps can be installed and secured in a matter of minutes and come in various sizes and lengths depending on your needs. Consider whether it would be most helpful for a longer ramp to minimize the slope, what ramp material would be most ideal and more. The professional installer can provide suggestions based on your needs as well.

Stair Lift Rental

If you or a guest will need to climb up and down a staircase, renting a stair lift could be a great option. You won’t have to worry about permanently damaging your staircase, walls or anything else, and any damage will be minimal and can be easily touched-up. Indoor and outdoor stair lifts are available to accommodate a variety of needs. When the professional evaluates your home, they will determine the safest and most effective stair lift for your home and you can have it installed in a matter of hours.

Patient Lift Rental

A patient lift is typically for people who have had a procedure completed that creates difficulties getting in and out of bed. These can be rented for however long you need it. A patient lift helps both you and the person taking care of you since neither of you will have to exert a high amount of strain for a simple task like getting into your bed. And once you’ve recovered from your procedure, you can return the product and move on.

Other Accessibility Products 

Other helpful accessibility products available for rent include mobility scooters, wheelchairs, vehicle lifts and more. When you need a temporary solution for a mobility limitation, chances are a product is available for you without the need of making a long-term investment. If you have a scheduled surgery, consider planning your home arrangement ahead of time so you can get used to the products being in your home and feel comfortable using them. 

Next Day Access offers rental options for accessibility products depending on your needs. When you give us a call, one of our experts will provide an evaluation of your home to help determine the ideal solution for your needs. Once the rental equipment is installed, you can use it until you don’t need it anymore. Then we will uninstall the product quickly and easily. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about our mobility solutions.