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Aqua Creek ProTone Fitness Machine



Aqua Creek ProTone Fitness Machine: Empower Mobility and Redefine Fitness

The Aqua Creek ProTone Fitness Machine brings innovative fitness solutions to individuals with limited mobility and gripping capabilities. Achieve complete independent upper body workouts from the comfort of your own wheelchair.

Uncompromising Quality, Maximum Durability

Crafted with precision, this machine features powder-coated stainless steel, ensuring exceptional strength and resilience. Its 316 stainless steel hardware guarantees long-lasting performance.

Designed for Your Comfort and Convenience

Effortlessly tailor the ProTone Fitness Machine with its no-grip adjustment knobs, prioritizing your comfort. Durable sealed bearing pulleys and self-lubricating bronze bushings optimize performance, minimizing maintenance.

Experience Smooth Workouts

The 7-strand, 3/16 inch, nylon-coated steel cable provides seamless workouts, enhancing your fitness journey. Unleash your potential with the Aqua Creek ProTone Fitness Machine.

Contact Your Accessibility Expert

Contact Your Local Accessibility Expert.

The ProTone Fitness Machine comes with a 3-year limited warranty, providing you with the assurance that you’re investing in a top-tier fitness solution.

Empower your mobility and embrace the freedom to achieve your fitness goals independently. Contact Next Day Access and unlock the strength within you with Aqua Creek’s trusted performance and support.

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