As the weather continues turning hotter and more humid, it’s important for seniors practicing independent living to become aware of their body and environment. Heat exhaustion can occur quickly, so you can’t ignore any of the signs that develop indicating you’re becoming overheated. Seniors with underlying conditions are at an even higher risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, as outlined by this AARP article. Knowing the facts about heat exhaustion and heat stroke could save your life or the lives of others you’re with.

How A Heat Stroke Differs From Heat Exhaustion

If you or a loved one are experiencing heat-related illnesses, trying to determine whether it’s a heat stroke or heat exhaustion should not be the priority. Heat exhaustion can lead to having a heat stroke quickly if immediate action is not taken when signs are detected. For example, if you’re experiencing changes in your mental state or are sweating excessively, you may be suffering from heat exhaustion. However, these symptoms could turn into lethargy, confusion, seizures, dry skin, and not sweating at all, which are signs you are having a heat stroke.

Detecting Heat Exhaustion In Seniors

Seniors practicing independent living need to know the signs of heat exhaustion better than anyone. Any time you are feeling weak, nauseous, sweating excessively, experiencing cramps or anything else out of the ordinary, seek help or get indoors immediately. Having an electric scooter nearby is beneficial so you don’t have to put forth as much effort walking to get to a safe place. And if you have any underlying health conditions, you need to keep your radar up for any kind of different physical feelings you have and seek a cool area and water immediately.

Preventing Heat Exhaustion

Seniors have to be aware of their environment and take proactive measures to protect themselves from hot and humid weather. Sometimes this means avoiding outdoor activities altogether if the heat index is high any given day. If you have to travel somewhere, take the time to load your electric scooter on your auto lift for ease of accessibility. It’s much more ideal to use an electric scooter for mobility rather than the strain of walking. And hydration is the number one thing to prioritize as well. Keeping cold water with you at all times and drinking more than you think you need will go a long way in keeping your body safe and preventing heat-related illnesses.

At Next Day Access, we want to keep seniors focusing on independent living as safe as possible. Heat exhaustion can occur quickly during excessively hot and humid days, so it’s recommended to have your home equipped with the necessary mobility equipment to prevent you from having to exert yourself too much on those days. And if you do happen to experience signs and symptoms of heat-related illness, seek medical attention immediately so it does not turn into a heat stroke. Be sure to contact us at any time to schedule a free home assessment and learn more about how we can help you stay safe this summer.