The coronavirus pandemic has forced many students to take remote classes from home rather than attend school in a traditional classroom. Whether you’re a parent with mobility limitations or if your child has a physical disability, making your home accessible when you’re there more often will make your day-to-day life much easier. Remote learning may be challenging enough, so incorporating these home accessibility products and tips can make some aspects of remote learning a little less stressful.

Install Wheelchair Ramps Or Threshold Ramps At Entryways

Most wheelchair ramps are installed at the home’s front entryway, but they can also be installed in other entryways. If some of your learning will take place in a climate-controlled garage, basement, or other areas, a wheelchair ramp can provide a safe way for your child to get to and from their new home classroom. And if some entryways to interior rooms are raised at all, installing threshold ramps can prevent tripping and falling.

A Stair Lift Provides Independent Access To All Levels Of The Home

Spending more time at home may mean using more of the home than you normally would daily. Anyone with mobility limitations knows how challenging and dangerous it can be to navigate stairs, so consider installing a stair lift. As a parent, you can have a little more peace of mind knowing your child with a disability can go up or down the stairs with ease if they need to get supplies or learning materials. A stair lift is an essential product if you have a multi-level home.

Improve Bathroom Safety With Grab Bars

If you don’t already have grab bars in your bathroom, consider installing them now that remote learning is underway. Kids will sometimes need to use the bathroom in the middle of a school lesson and hurry back as quickly as possible. This can prevent a fall risk for children with mobility limitations, so you can help them out by placing grab bars in the bathroom to provide some added stability.

Set Up A Home Classroom That’s Easy To Navigate

Whether you have all of the above products already installed or not, one of the simplest ways to make remote learning successful is by setting up an easily-accessible home classroom. If you’re transforming a bedroom into a classroom, move out the bed or other furniture to create more of a classroom environment than a bedroom environment. But regardless of where the home classroom is set up, take steps to reduce clutter and develop good organization habits to mock the traditional classroom as much as possible.

Next Day Access understands the challenges parents are going through since they likely haven’t had to set up their home for remote learning before. The good news is it’s generally easy to do so, and we have the right products and tools to help you achieve it. If you’ve noticed the accessibility in your home could improve in any way, feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to help by providing a free home assessment.