Just because a person has a cognitive or physical disability doesn’t mean they aren’t qualified for certain jobs. But in some situations, your interview processes might be excluding them from being a candidate without even knowing it. It’s valuable for companies to evaluate policies, procedures, and processes periodically and make adjustments as needed. One of those should be your disability-inclusion practices to ensure you are inclusive for people of all abilities and skills. Here are some of the aspects companies should evaluate and adjust regularly.

Evaluate Your Interview Processes

Many times a company’s interview process doesn’t give people with a cognitive disability a chance. For example, a person with autism might be the most qualified candidate you interview because of their skills. However, the person might get overly nervous and not be a good interviewer because of their cognitive disability, and you don’t hire them as a result. A good disability-inclusion practice is to identify candidates with a cognitive disability and adjust your interview practice for them. Provide them with tests or assessments to demonstrate their skills, including the ability to work as a team. You can see how quickly they learn and won’t miss out on a great candidate simply because they are not good at interviews.

Provide Education To All Employees In Your Company

Employees who don’t deal with a disability might not understand or appreciate what others have to go through daily. As an employer, providing this education can help the entire company be more inclusive and help create a better workplace culture. People with a cognitive disability might need additional training, so knowing which disability services are available can help you help them. No one should feel like they are alone trying to figure out things, so the more you can educate employees, the more inclusive your culture will be.

Be Supportive And Engaging

Show your support as an employer by getting involved with organizations providing disability services. There are likely multiple community groups to be a part of and you could strengthen your recruiting pipeline as a result. Networking and connections are critical for both prospects and employers today, and being involved with disability services and organizations can open up a new world of opportunities. Being involved in the community is a great way to create a stronger work environment, and you can create an inclusive one at the same time by engaging with organizations that focus on helping people with disabilities.

Next Day Access can help your company create a physically-inclusive office space. Whether you need a wheelchair ramp installed or if your bathroom needs some modifications, we are here to help. We believe people of all abilities should have the same opportunities and shouldn’t have to struggle to perform routine tasks. In addition to your disability-inclusion practices, consider improving your physical space as well. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, contact us at any time.