Anyone who has mobility concerns should look for the most effective options to help them move around safely. Many people choose a standard wheelchair, but you might want to choose a more luxurious option if you are always on the go. A mobility scooter is one of the most popular products as well as power wheelchairs. We’ve taken a look at them both to help you decide how to choose between the two.

Consider How You’ll Use The Device

When choosing between a power wheelchair and a mobility scooter, you have to understand your needs. If you intend to use the device primarily for indoor use, a power wheelchair may be more suitable for you since it has a sharp turning radius. But if you plan on using the device outdoors, then mobility scooters are usually the way to go. Think about how you’ll use the mobility scooter or power wheelchair primarily, and it will help you make an easier decision. 

Think About Your Range Of Mobility

Your range of mobility will help you determine which product fits your needs the best. Mobility scooters are by far easier to drive and maneuver since it only requires a push of a button. However, they are a little more difficult to navigate tight corners. It’s still possible to use a mobility scooter in the grocery store or even inside your home, but it will take a little practice to figure out your turning radius. A power wheelchair has a tighter turning radius but is a little trickier to use in general.

Understand Pricing Differences

It’s hard to put a price on accessibility, but you can be a little more selective when you have two great options to choose from. If your budget is something at the top of your list of things to consider, then you might be surprised to learn that mobility scooters are usually less expensive than power wheelchairs. The prices vary based on the specific model you choose, but you can reasonably get a good mobility scooter for around $5,000. Compare that to power wheelchairs, which could exceed $10,000 if they have a lot of features.

Next Day Access wants you to feel comfortable with any option you choose regarding mobility devices. We encourage you to test drive different models to see what fits your needs the most. Mobility scooters are often the popular choice because of the price, features, and ease of use. Power wheelchairs are still great options for people as well, though. If you need some assistance or would like more information about either, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.