Living in a multi-story home offers plenty of benefits. However, as you get older, navigating the stairs can become challenging. Many seniors decide to sell their home in favor of moving into a single-level home and smaller square footage as a result. While that is certainly a viable option, a home elevator can also solve many problems. We’ve explored the different types of home elevators you can install in your home to help you overcome your physical disability.

Chain-Driven Elevators

A chain-driven home elevator offers a durable and reliable option for any home. The elevator itself is fairly compact, and it doesn’t require a separate machine room to operate, so the overall footprint is relatively small. You might be concerned with a chain-driven elevator being too noisy, but that is rarely the case. If it does become noisy over time, then it’s usually a sign that maintenance is required.

Cable-Driven Elevators

Cable-driven elevators are typically more popular than chain-driven elevators because they have multiple options and styles available. These elevators are often in commercial buildings with glass or metal shafts. It’s more cost-effective to have this type of elevator built with a new construction since they require a machine room and pit to operate.

Pneumatic Elevators

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly elevator, pneumatic elevators are the only elevator in the world powered by air. Because it is vacuum-powered, a separate machine room or pit is not required for it to operate. They offer the easiest home elevator installation for professionals. Aside from the functionality of the elevator, it is also aesthetically pleasing and space-saving. you can find some attractive options that could match your home decor, so it appears to fit in perfectly with your home.

Hydraulic Elevators

A hydraulic home elevator is one of the most luxurious elevators you can install. The quiet operation and smooth ride make it comfortable and convenient for anyone. Elevators can sometimes be jumpy or jerky, which can be dangerous for people who have balance concerns. But when you have a hydraulic elevator in your home, you won’t have to worry about those issues and you’ll barely feel it moving.

Whether you’ve experienced a physical disability due to an injury or surgery, or if you’re simply getting older and having a difficult time navigating your home, a home elevator can offer a great solution. Next Day Access has various types of home elevators to suit your needs. Your ultimate goal should be to remain as comfortable as possible in your home, and that’s why we are here to help. If you’re considering the idea of installing a home elevator, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.