Centers for Independent Living (CIL) are community-based non-profit agencies that provide both services and opportunities for people who have disabilities. The goal is to enable them to live in an independent, community setting such as retirement homes, an assisted living community, a group home or their own apartment. CILs are designed to be run by and for those with disabilities. The provided programs can offer funding, support, training, and services necessary to help individuals with disabilities live in a more independent setting. Each person’s situation and needs are unique so services, training, and support can vary between participants with the goal being to provide senior living and help individuals with disabilities achieve independence.

How does it Work?

Programs work to support community living for those who have disabilities. The goal is based on the belief that everyone can live with dignity, make their own choices and be an active participant in society. Programs provide tools, resources, and support to help integrate individuals into a community while promoting self-determination, respect, and equal opportunities. Federal funds may be used to provide assistance in transitioning from nursing homes or other long term care facilities to a community-based residence like senior housing or assisted living. CIL is designed such that those who are transitioning have the assistance of peers and mentors who share similar stories and barriers they have overcome to achieve their goals.

Who Benefits From Centers for Independent Living?

CILs exist to help make it possible for individuals to live their lives on their own terms. For some, this may mean making modifications such as adding a wheelchair ramp to an entrance or installing grab bars in bathrooms. The modifications used are dependent on the specific needs of the participant and what they need to improve mobility and independence.

For example, an individual who has sustained a spinal cord injury may receive assistance through accessible housing, funding for schooling and accommodations to help them achieve educational goals such as entering a degree program. For others, it may be moving into a group home setting where personal and senior care assistance is available through other programs to help with daily living. Through the Centers for Independent Living, an individual’s level of need is assessed, and adaptations and modifications are applied to the home setting while the participant is offered support and assistance when needed to help them achieve the goals they desire.

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