Pets provide many benefits to homeowners. They can be especially important for people enjoying senior living, as they can provide companionship throughout every day. One reason why people with mobility concerns are hesitant about owning a pet is because of the responsibility of caring for them. This is a valid concern for certain types of pets, but we’ve put together some thoughts about easy-to-care-for pets to consider for your home.


Dogs are some of the most common pets for homeowners for plenty of good reasons. Every dog has its own personality, so finding the right match for your home is possible. Dogs can be trained to help their owner with mobility concerns navigate their home and even outside the home. And if you simply want a companion inside the house, some dogs want nothing more than to cuddle next to you on the couch. Dogs need to be walked periodically to stay healthy, so if you cannot do so because of a physical disability, you may need to arrange for a dog walker.


Cats require little care and supervision as long as you provide them with a safe environment with food and water. If you keep your cat primarily indoors, you’ll need a box with kitty litter and give them some toys to play with when they get bored. Otherwise, cats love exploring outside and often don’t require a lot of attention. And some even want nothing more than to curl up in your lap or next to you all day long.


Hamsters are entertaining to watch and are low-maintenance pets to have in the home. You’ll need to invest in a safe cage for them to live in, and you may also consider getting a hamster ball to let them navigate around your home. Hamsters are entertaining to watch play in their cages, and some of them can be very active throughout the day. Cleaning the cage regularly is the main thing you will have to do with a hamster, but they are otherwise great pets for senior living.


Parakeets are fun pets since they can be trained and can sing calming tunes to you sometimes. Caring for parakeets requires a little more hands-on effort since you’ll need to clean the cage regularly. But other than that, the beauty of a colorful parakeet singing in your living room or bedroom is a unique and relaxing experience you can enjoy every day.

Next Day Access believes pets are great for senior living. Even though animals can’t talk to you, you can get the sense that they are your friend simply by the way they interact with you and respond to your words. Some pets require more care than others, and if the difference between getting a pet and not getting one is mobility concerns you may have, then we can help alleviate those concerns. Our mobility products are designed to help you enjoy senior living to its fullest extent, so contact us today to schedule a free assessment and see how we can help make your home more accessible.