Falling is the number one cause of both non-fatal and fatal injuries to elderly people, according to the National Council on Aging. While falling can happen anytime and anywhere, some of the most devastating injuries occur on stairs. One of the most common home modifications for seniors is investing in a stair lift. A stair lift allows for easy access up and down the stairs without having to lift your feet. Simply sit on it, press a button, and let it take you up or down. Once you have it installed, you may wonder how to care for it or what problems you could run into. Here are some of the commonly asked questions after people have their stair lift installed.

How Do I Maintain My Stair Lift?

It’s ideal to have a professional install your stair lift for safety and performance purposes. When installed correctly, very little maintenance needs to be done by the homeowner to keep it operating effectively. The main thing to remember is to use it solely for its intended purpose and wipe down the rail, armrest, seat, and other components to keep it free from dust and other debris. And if anything seems to be making a different sound or doesn’t operate as smoothly, contact your professional installer to take a look at it.

What Happens If The Stair Lift Stops Working?

Your stair lift should be reliable to the point where you won’t have to worry about it not working. However, if it stops working completely, then you want to make sure the power button did not get pressed accidentally, or an electric cord did not get unplugged. Very few things can go wrong with a stair lift, so if you’ve tried unplugging it and plugging it back in and turning on the power with no luck, a professional will need to evaluate it.

Should I Cover My Outdoor Stair Lift?

An outdoor stair lift is a great way to enjoy outdoor living safely. Maintenance and care are more important for outdoor stair lifts since they are exposed to more elements than the indoor versions. Outdoor stair lifts come with UV protection and other features to keep it protected, but it doesn’t hurt to invest in a cover for further protection from the weather elements. Doing so will increase the stair lift’s lifespan and ensure it remains reliable every time you need to use it.

Can My Stair Lift Be Uninstalled If I No Longer Need It?

If you’ve recovered from a physical disability or have any other reason why you no longer need your stair lift, contact the provider to discuss your options. Homeowners should not attempt to uninstall a stair lift alone to prevent injuring themselves or potentially damaging the product or their home.

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