The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that over one out of four seniors fall every year, and when they do, they have a higher chance of falling again. There are a variety of actions to help reduce the risk of serious injury. Fall prevention can be from reviewing medications to hazard-proofing your house. Some medical conditions can enhance the risk of falling, and we’ve explained some of the common ones.

Medication Side Effects

If your aging parent takes a lot of medication or had their medication changed, monitor any side effects they experience. It is common for some medication to cause lightheadedness or weakness. Ask your aging parent to pay attention to how they feel after taking medication and if something doesn’t seem right, talk to their doctor.

Underlying Conditions

If your aging parent seems to lose their balance frequently, it could be a result from an underlying condition. Whether it’s an infection, disease, illness, or a type of medical condition, have their doctor evaluate them for treatment to reduce future fallings. Fall prevention is all about being proactive, and talking to your doctor is one way to achieve it.

Small changes in a person’s vision will likely happen over time. Vision loss can create an enhanced risk of falling. When providing senior care, make sure the lighting in bathrooms, hallways, and other dark areas is sufficient. Also, consider removing rugs, cords, and other things on the floor that could create a trip-and-fall risk for someone experiencing vision loss.

Changes in blood pressure can make people feel lightheaded or even faint. Make sure to check your loved one’s blood pressure regularly and monitor any changes. Note what the numbers are when they are sitting down compared to coming back from a short walk. You might indicate whether their blood pressure fluctuates and if there is a cause for concern.

Start Reducing Fall Risks in Seniors

Next Day Access provides mobility aids and devices to help seniors move around with ease and lower their risk of falling. Installing grab bars, lift chair, and stair lifts can help a senior maintain their balance and feel more confident moving around their home. Medical conditions often play a role in falls, so contact us today if your senior loved one needs solutions to prevent falls.