At Next Day Access, we care about the health of our customers. Currently, we offer an abundance of mobility and accessibility equipment. While we do not sell exercise equipment for wheelchair users, we do realize its importance. Thus, we wanted to share some exercise equipment for anyone with limited mobility. Fitness equipment for individuals with limited mobility helps them stay in shape, even with a spinal cord injury or paralysis. 

It is important to note that before you begin a daily exercise routine, you should first consult with your doctor or physical therapist to prevent injury. Success will take some time, commitment, and a personalized game plan. Injuries can happen in an instant. Some equipment or exercises might require a lift, transfer devices, or even a different type of wheelchair.  At Next Day Access, we have you covered with a wide selection of products.

Noonchi V2 All Chair Workout 

The Noonchi V2 All Chair Workout device is a simple but effective piece of exercise equipment. Everything you need is included to make most wheelchairs into a fitness chair. The device has a pillow with resistance bands attached. You can put the pillow under your legs, on the ground, behind your back, etc. The kit comes with a list of different exercises. The resistance bands allow you to work out a variety of muscle groups from various positions. 

Invictus Active Trainer 

This piece of equipment is very popular, for its portability and simplicity. It can also be stored easily. The Invictus Active Trainer is a weight-adjustable treadmill that simulates ‘road-like’ pushing. This can improve fitness, balance, and technique. It is a sure-fire way to elevate your heartbeat, which can aid in weight loss.  

FITNATION Core Lounge Ultra Workout Chair 

You will need transfer equipment for this exercise chair, but you are sure to find it worth it. At Next Day Access, we have a variety of transfer equipment you could choose from to help with this exercise. The chair works your entire core. It has comfortable handles that make it possible for you to bend and stretch at the waist, using the strength of your arms. Not only do your arms get a workout, but your abdominal muscles as well. The stretching involved is also beneficial. You can also customize the foot grip to ensure you are keeping proper form. Having the correct form will get you the best results from your workout.  

For additional ways to exercise from your wheelchair, check out some videos on YouTube. Staying fit is important for both physical and mental health. We hope you find this list helpful. If you need new and improved accessibility or mobility products or modifications to make your home safer and more comfortable, contact us today for an in-home consultation.