Summer is here and fun-filled family vacation is just what everyone needs! However, for those with mobility needs, it can be hard to find a fun yet accessible place. We have great news! The National Park Service (NPS) has dedicated time and effort to make more parks accessible for people of all needs. If you and your family are ready for a midsummer adventure, Next Day Access has compiled a list of beautiful locations to check out.

Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado

With soaring mountains and an abundance of wildlife, you will love this accessible national park. Even more than just the natural beauty of your surroundings, this park offers a wide range of activities and places to visit. Be sure to stop by Beaver Meadows Visitor Center/Park Headquarters to check out the auditorium, ranger talks and the bookstore. Don’t forget to pack a picnic! Endovalley Picnic Area is fully accessible with picnic tables for your family to enjoy a meal outside while taking in the amazing views.

Yosemite National Park – California

Rushing waterfalls, ancient sequoias and grand granite formations are just a few of the natural wonders you will see at this park. Yosemite rangers and officials have worked hard to make the park more accessible for people with mobility needs. They have added shuttle buses that take you to the popular sites as well as new trails that are wheelchair and scooter navigable.

Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona

Although you may not think so, this park is a great destination for those utilizing a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Thanks to its massive size, every one with its flat, wheelchair accessible trails can see the natural beauty of this park. There are also paved paths that will allow you to get close to the canyon so you can take that perfect selfie.

Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming

Everyone has heard of Yellowstone but did you know it was the world’s first national park? With its beautiful hot springs, gushing geysers and towering mountains, you can’t turn your head without seeing a breathtaking view of the great outdoors. There are long paved trails that wind around Old Faithful so those using mobility equipment won’t miss out on anything!

Summertime is the best time for making memories and going on adventures. These national parks feature marvelous views you won’t soon forget. If you need more help identifying which parks would be best for your mobility needs, contact the National Park Service. And if you need some equipment to help you have your greatest adventure yet, Next Day Access can help!