Weddings are special moments that can be enjoyed and appreciated by people of all ages. While a lot of attention to detail gets placed on decorations, drinks, and food, often the accessibility of the wedding venue can get overlooked. You might have guests with a physical disability or are elderly and need assistance participating on your big day. These tips can help you ensure your wedding is safe and easy for everyone to enjoy.

Select A Wheelchair Accessible Venue

The easiest way to have an inclusive wedding is to select a venue that is wheelchair accessible. An accessible venue may have a wheelchair ramp at one or more entrances, wider stalls in the bathrooms, and other similar accessibility features. Take these features into consideration in your early phases of searching for a wedding venue, so renting accessibility products won’t be on your added to-do’s.

Spread Out The Seating

If you know someone on your guest list has a physical disability, consider spreading out the seating as much as you can. It might not be possible to spread out all the seats due to space limitations but making one section of seating more spread out than others or designating a specific chair for the person with disabilities is a way to accommodate all your guests. They will appreciate that you thought of them and made it easier for them to attend your wedding.

Provide Assistance During The Wedding

Having ushers available during the wedding to walk people to their seats safely can help tremendously. It will give you and others peace of mind to know that your elderly loved ones are escorted safely to their seats. You could also consider having someone to assist with helping people throughout other parts of the wedding. For example, if a person with mobility limitations needs assistance walking from the dinner table to another area of the venue, having someone available to help them will make life easier.

Next Day Access can also help you create a wheelchair accessible wedding venue. A temporary wheelchair ramp can be installed in different locations easily so guests in a wheelchair won’t have any problems attending your wedding. We offer many other accessibility products, aids, and devices as well and are happy to help in any way we can. Don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can be an important part of creating the perfect day for your wedding.