Many of us want to retire in place, to stay in the homes we know and love, as we get older. We might stay because of networks of friends and family, the memories we’ve created, or companies and service providers we’re connected to. And sometimes, we stay because it’s just easiest!

According to the AARP, almost 90% of people over 65 want to stay in their homes as long as they can, and 80% think their current home is where they’ll always live.

Yahoo! Finance shares 8 issues you must address if you plan to retire in place. One of the most important points they bring up is whether your house can adapt to your needs, and Next Day Access can help with that!

Three home improvements to help you retire in place

Grab Bars Safety Poles to retire in place
  1. Grab bars in your bathroom are a small addition that can add a significant improvement in safety and accessibility. We have options in many styles and sizes, all of which can help improve your peace of mind.
  2. While a floor plan with a bedroom, bathroom, and other necessary facilities on one floor is ideal, stair lifts and residential elevators can be installed in many homes. Contact us today for a free assessment!
  3. Worried about getting in and out of your home? Next Day Access provides wheelchair ramps that are customized to meet the specific needs of each customer.

We all want to enjoy our homes for as long as possible, and a few simple improvements can help you retire in place and keep making memories in your current residence.

For more issues to consider, check out the full article.