If you or a loved one are getting older or have a mobility limitation, then you may want to think about installing accessibility products in your home. Something as simple as a wheelchair ramp can make a huge impact on your quality of life. And if you have a multi-level home, then a stair lift can create a safer space to live in. But before you go out and buy the least expensive products from the first company you find, it’s valuable to ask these five questions.

Which Products And Brands Do You Offer?

You first want to ensure the company offers the products you need. They should be able to give you all the information you need about a patient lift, stair lift, platform lift, ramps, portable showers and anything else you may need. Once you confirm they have what you need, ask about the brands they sell and do some research on them. Like anything, not all brands are created equally, so you want to ensure you’re investing in good quality equipment.

Will You Install All Equipment?

Professional installation is a major factor when purchasing accessibility products. A professional knows exactly what to look for and has experienced many different situations to ensure safe installation. Once this is confirmed, you can also ask whether they can be relied on to service the equipment if needed at any time.

Is Your Company Bonded And Insured?

Bonds and insurance are standard among reputable companies today. It protects you, your property and the company involved in case an accident happens to a person or property. Ask for a copy of their insurance before working with the company so you know you’re protected.

How Can I Trust Your Employees Being In My Home?

Installing a stair lift, residential elevator or other similar equipment can be a time-consuming process. You will have employees from that company in your home, so you want to make sure you feel safe around them. Ask the company about the background checks they conduct on all employees. You can also verify their statements by reading online reviews and learning about the experiences of other customers.

Do You Offer A Warranty Or Product Guarantee?

No matter how good a product or service is, there’s a chance it may be faulty at some point. While you may not need to take advantage of it, always get information about their warranty or product guarantee program. The better the warranty is, the more confident you should feel since you know the company backs their products and services.

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