As the season’s change and the temperatures outside get warmer, it’s becoming time to get your pool in shape. If you’re an elderly person who wants to make the most of senior living, consider investing in a pool lift. It makes getting in and out of the pool safer and you can enjoy participating in pool parties when you invite family or friends over to your home. Before you invest, there are a few factors you should consider to ensure you get the proper product for your situation.


Manual Or Battery-Operated?

Most pool lifts are battery-operated, but there are some manual ones available as well. While the manual pool lifts are typically much cheaper, the downside is the lever system can be difficult to operate on your own and may require someone’s assistance to lift you in and out of the pool. On the other hand, a battery-operated pool lift can get you in and out of the pool safely with a push of a button. Most people agree battery-operated pool lifts are well worth the investment compared to manual models.


Placement Of The Pool Lift

It’s ideal to have a professional pool lift installer come out to ensure it’s put in the proper spot. Many factors have to be considered, including whether you have a pool deck, the shape and design of the pool, the water depth and more. One of the main goals of a pool lift is to create a safe environment for outdoor activities for elderly people and the placement of your product is critical. The depth at which you get submerged into the pool is also a consideration and can be adjusted by the professional installer.


Portability Options

While you may not want to move your pool lift from one pool to another at a different location, it is possible to move it to different areas around your pool. You can get yours anchored for permanent placement or semi-fixed to allow for portability options. The semi-fixed installation could be valuable if you have friends or family members over, so you can easily remove the pool lift if you don’t want it to get in the way. You won’t be sacrificing any safety features or sturdiness regardless of the option you choose. Just remember to call your pool lift professional when you need to move it and reinstall it so it’s done properly and safely.

Next Day Access offers a variety of pool lifts to help you improve your senior living. The spring and summer months provide great opportunities for relaxing by the pool, and many seniors invest in a pool lift so they can feel confident and safe getting in and out of the water. Whether you’re ready to purchase a pool lift or are still considering the benefits, contact us to schedule a free home assessment and we will answer any questions you may have.