Getting older sometimes means having to rearrange things in the house that are problematic, even though they never presented any issues before. Whether you’ve experienced a sudden and unexpected disability or if your mobility has become more limited over time, the good news is there are plenty of solutions to ensure you can still move around your home. For instance, something as simple as installing grab bars can make a world of difference to keep you safe in the bathroom. From exterior entrances to tight bathrooms, we’ve examined some parts of homes that may present accessibility challenges.

Outside Home Entrances

Sometimes lifting your feet a few inches off the ground to take a step up and enter your home is easier said than done. If this has become a challenge for you, consider having a wheelchair ramp or threshold ramp installed. A wheelchair ramp can be designed to meet your specific needs, as well as have an aesthetically pleasing appearance so the curb appeal of your home won’t suffer. And if you have a large step or multiple steps to climb before entering your home, then a platform lift can also be a viable option so you don’t have to raise a foot at all.

Bathroom Maneuverability

Many older homes were not built with bathroom maneuverability in mind. As you get older, you may have to use a walker or wheelchair to move around in the home, which can be challenging in a tight bathroom. Depending on how tight yours is, a complete bathroom renovation may be in store. Otherwise, many people are surprised at how much more comfortable they feel entering their bathroom when grab bars are easy to hold onto. Portable showers can also be installed to reduce the risks of slipping and falling in the shower.

Kitchen Designs

New homes today are often built with open kitchen designs, but that wasn’t always the case many years ago. If your kitchen is designed in a way that presents accessibility challenges, there are a few things you can do. Any kitchen islands or tables should be removed and you may even be able to remove lower cabinets to open up the space for easier wheelchair access. 

At Next Day Access, we take great pride in offering a variety of accessibility products to make your entire home easy to access. Grab bars are some of our most popular products since they are easy to install and the benefits are tremendous. We can also help with other home improvements like installing a platform lift, wheelchair ramp, stair lift, and many other aids. If your home presents any accessibility challenges that limit your mobility, contact us to schedule a free home assessment and see how we can help.