As Bob Dylan famously sang in the ‘60s, “The times, they are a-changing.” America’s population continues to age, but how well is it adapting to homes that are also older and perhaps now less-suited to the needs of the aging or the infirm?

The AARP Foundation and the Harvard Joint Center of Housing Studies found that only 1 percent of the United States’ housing stock is equipped with the recommended universal design features for a bathroom, including step-free entry into the home or or curb-less shower with handheld adjustable showerhead.

So 1 percent of homes are suited for tomorrow, but nearly nine of 10 folks 65 and older want to age in place, remain in their homes and communities and continue enjoying the lives they’ve been leading. This is where Next Day Access provides the help you may need with accessibility solutions for your beloved home and all you need to do is make one phone call to receive your free in-home estimate.

Next Day Access offers a convenient fold-away portable shower for individuals with disabilities who find that traditional bathing facilities are difficult or impossible to use. Most people may not be able to remodel their bathroom to allow for full accessibility, so a portable shower is a great option. Our portable showers are complete shower facilities, offering full wheelchair accessibility and requiring no tools or modifications to a site for use.

Accessibility in and out of the home starts with a safe and reliable ramp. Next Day Access can design a wheelchair ramp suitable for any home and the specific needs of the customer. With the most complete line of wheelchair ramps on the market, Next Day Access delivers freedom and independence right to your door.

Remain in your home, but be safe and comfortable in your home. Call Next Day Access today for your free in-home estimate for fold-away portable showers and ramps and stay in tune with our changing times.