Planning a winter getaway when you have a disability requires a little more thought and preparation than if you didn’t have a disability. You have to know which hotels are most accommodating for your disability, what transportation options are available, what airline accommodations are, and more. You don’t want to assume every place will allow you to bring your travel wheelchair, so it’s important to call each place to be sure. Here’s a quick winter getaway checklist to help you think of every possible obstacle for your trip so you can find solutions ahead of time.

Be Detailed When Planning Air Travel

If you’re traveling by airplane this winter, think about every aspect of your trip. Airlines are typically accommodating for people in a wheelchair, but you’ll need to arrive a little earlier at the very least. And when booking your flights, consider making a direct flight even if it costs a little more money. All it takes is a flight delay to throw you off schedule and force you to rush more than you want. Saving a little money isn’t worth it when you could experience unnecessary stress and put your health at risk at the same time. And if you need any other accommodations when traveling by air, contact the airline before your trip to ensure you won’t experience any issues upon arrival.

Contact Hotels In Advance

Hotels vary when it comes to accessibility standards. You want to ensure the room you book is accommodating for your travel wheelchair and gives you plenty of accessibility throughout the hotel. Some of the accommodations you want to consider include whether there are grab bars in the bathrooms, automatic doors, walk-in showers, easily-accessible elevators, wheelchair ramps, wide entryways, and more. You may need to make several phone calls to confirm all of these features, but it will make your trip much more enjoyable by doing so.

Think About Transportation Options Upon Arrival

Depending on your destination, you may be able to opt for wheelchair rental instead of bringing your travel wheelchair. The less you have to pack and worry about, the better your trip could be. Also, think about public transportation options for when you arrive to ensure you can explore everything you want to on your trip. You can check city web pages to find this information or call local attractions to see what transportation options they offer for people with mobility limitations.

Next Day Access has your mobility needs covered no matter where you’re heading this winter. A travel wheelchair is valuable to have, and we also offer wheelchair rental if you don’t want to use your primary wheelchair for traveling. With a little planning and preparation, you can have a successful experience no matter where you travel this winter. If you have any questions about mobility products or could benefit from more tips and tricks like these, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Like or Share if you enjoy reading our blog.