Getting older can present some physical challenges. For many, the fear of falling begins to present limitations. There are statistics to back up this concern as over 2 million elderly individuals are taken to the ER every year for fall-related injuries. This can be a primary concern for the elderly and their families. To help ensure the safety of elderly family members, many consider home modifications for seniors. One such modification is a stair lift. It can be difficult to know when to choose a straight stair lift, or when a curved stair lift is needed.

Straight Stair Lift 

When considering home modifications for seniors, most of the options you’ll see are usually straight. These are small platform lifts used to safely move individuals up or down the stairs when they lack the mobility to do so. There are some benefits of choosing a straight stair lift, including:

  • Moving safely between floors
  • Maintaining independence and aging at home
  • Easy and convenient professional installation
  • Affordable price

This sounds great for helping keep loved ones mobile and able to access all the floors of their home, but what happens if the stairwell isn’t just a simple, straight set of stairs?

Curved Stair Lift

When seniors need assistance with mobility in their own home, there are several options to choose from. If the stairwell in a home isn’t straight, or if the home has several connected stairwells, a curved stair lift may be a suitable option. A curved stair lift fits the contours along the stairwell whether the rail turns sharply, or if it’s curved. Looking at multiple, connected stairwells might seem like the job for two straight chair lifts. Either option will create a safe way for a senior to access multiple levels in their home.

For many houses, a stairlift can be a useful home modification for seniors to help them maintain their mobility and independence and stay in their own homes. When it comes to safety, though, a customized curved stair lift may offer a better sense of security, especially when homes have custom stairwells.

If you need help with home modifications for your senior loved ones, please contact us at Next Day Access. We can help you choose the appropriate stairlift for your situation.