Some travel destinations are “friendlier than others” when it comes to accessibility, so we’ve compiled a Top 5 Tropical (and Accessible) Travel Destinations list for these chilly Winter months…

Cape Town, South Africa

The absolutely stunning landscapes in Cape Town are a favorite of travel journalists, acrylic painters, and photography buffs. According to, the Cape Floral Region’s Table Mountain National Park gets an A+ for wheelchair accessibility.  John Morris was able to navigate all the way to the top of the mountain using a relatively steep, wheelchair-accessible path. If you’re not as brazen as John, consider renting a mobility scooter and taking a more leisurely route.

The Caribbean

A Caribbean cruise is consistently ranked as one of the most popular travel experiences. Not only are there a host of activities on board the wheelchair-friendly cruise ships, but the island destinations often feature unique dining experiences and other scenic wonders. We recommend researching accessible attractions beforehand as not all island destinations are created equal when it comes to accessibility. 

Bridgetown, Barbados

Barbados has vastly improved its accessibility in recent years, making it a place people from all around the world come to visit. The small island has all-inclusive resorts, magnificent hotels, and interesting wildlife and nature preserves. Harrison’s Cave is fully wheelchair accessible with paved walkways, a friendly tram car, and open bathroom designs.


If you don’t want to leave the United States — but still want to experience a tropical destination — then Hawaii is a great place to consider. Each island is ADA compliant, so there are wheelchair ramps almost everywhere you look. Whether you enjoy the nightlife, shopping, beach relaxation or even more adventurous tours, Hawaii has attractions to suit a variety of entertainment preferences.

Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife, Spain, is another awesomely-accessible destination to consider. From the snow-capped peaks of Mount Teide to the year-round temperate climate, Tenerife has a little bit of everything. Their official taxi service is wheelchair accessible by design and the city features robust public transportation. Little Miss Turtle’s Tenerife travel guide is an excellent resource for accessibility pointers.

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