Research from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concludes that falls cause over 2.8 million injuries that require treatment from an emergency department annually. Out of that number, over 800,000 people must be hospitalized and over 27,000 people die as a result of their injuries. Many of these injuries could have been prevented with simple changes to the home as we describe here.

Add Grab Bars for Stability

It’s important to include grab bars in various locations throughout the home for anyone who has balance concerns. Bathrooms are especially important to have grab bars, as they are the places where most slip-and-fall situations occur. You may also consider installing them by the stairs, around the dining room table, kitchen area or anywhere else you or your loved one would find convenient. Confidence is critical for people who have a hard time moving around, and the added help from a grab bar typically provides the confidence boost they need.

Eliminate Trip Hazards

Getting adjusted to senior living may be as simple as picking up rugs from the floor, moving cords to the side, rearranging furniture and eliminating clutter. If you use mobility equipment like a wheelchair, removing furniture or reorganizing the room can make it much easier to navigate throughout the home as well. Many times it’s the simplest changes in the home that can make the greatest impact.

Install Threshold Ramps

Does your home have stairs or even a small step down from the front door? This could present one of your biggest risks for slipping and falling since even the smallest change in elevation can throw off your balance. Having a threshold ramp installed can bring peace of mind since you don’t have to worry as much about losing your footing. Combine the threshold ramp with grab bars and wet surfaces should become less of a risk.

At Next Day Access, we want our customers to feel safe and secure in their own homes. We offer a wide range of home accessibility products to meet your needs and create a safe home environment. And if you’re a caregiver, peace of mind can go a long way in creating a better caregiving experience. Never hesitate to contact us for a free home assessment and to learn more about our products.