Seniors are often more vulnerable than people think with certain things. They may worry quietly about issues surrounding politics, family struggles, global concerns and other things. It’s particularly common in seniors practicing independent living since they may not socialize as much with other people. As someone providing senior care, it’s important to understand your loved one’s true thoughts and feelings so you can step in and provide help if needed. These are some great questions to start with.

Are You Stocked With Food And Other Essentials?

The times we live in today can be mentally stressful, even with just a simple task like going to the grocery store. Many seniors may worry about going to get groceries, but they don’t want to bother asking anyone else to do it for them. Take a proactive step in asking them how their food situation is, as well as their medication supply and other household supplies. If you get a sense they are sacrificing certain things to make their supplies last longer, do them a favor and restock them so they can have peace of mind.

How Are You Feeling Physically?

Detecting any illness as early as possible is crucial for senior care. If your loved one isn’t feeling well for some reason, ask about their symptoms. You don’t have to expect the worst with what their symptoms are, but determining whether they have a common cold or something more serious needs to be identified early. Use your resources to get a doctor’s opinion so you can both feel confident in your loved one’s physical health.

Are You Sleeping Well?

A sign that someone is dealing with anxiety or other similar issues is if they aren’t sleeping well. This, in turn, could lead to other health complications. If your loved one indicates sleep is a challenge, ask them a follow-up question on how their typical day goes. Getting better sleep may involve something as simple as watching less television, reading fewer news articles or even getting more physical exercise. Poor sleep is not something that should be prolonged, so take action to help as quickly as possible.

Do You Have Any Fears Or Worries?

While senior living may be wonderful for some people, others may be fearful about their health or other concerns outside of their control. The hope is your loved one will be honest with you when you ask this question so you can work together to alleviate some of the fears and worries. Constantly worrying about something can increase anxiety levels, which could lead to poor eating habits, lack of exercise and the potential for many health issues later on.

What Can I Help With?

Seniors who strive for independent living often don’t like asking for help. A good strategy to consider when asking this question is to preface it by saying you are asking just to see if you can lend a helping hand. You don’t want your loved one to think they are incapable of doing certain tasks because they may think you’re considering putting them in a senior care facility as a result.