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Drive™ Poly-Fly Wheelchair



Drive Poly-Fly: Your Versatile Mobility Solution

The Drive Poly-Fly Wheelchair is the epitome of adaptability, serving both as a self-propelled wheelchair and an efficient transport chair. It’s the ideal choice for individuals with limited mobility, providing the freedom to choose between self-driving or assistance from a caregiver.

Lightweight and Durable

Constructed with an all-aluminum frame and nylon upholstery, the Poly-Fly Wheelchair ensures a lightweight yet sturdy design. Experience effortless transportation and reliable performance, day in and day out.

Smooth Mobility

Equipped with 8″ casters and anti-tippers, this wheelchair glides effortlessly over various terrains, ensuring a smooth and stable ride. Experience the convenience of quick-release 24″ wheels that can be effortlessly removed, transforming the wheelchair into a transport chair when needed.

The Poly-Fly Wheelchair offers a deluxe back release, allowing the back to fold down for added convenience. With swing-away footrests featuring composite footplates and heel loops, enjoy customized comfort tailored to your needs.

The Poly-Fly comes with two sets of wheel locks, providing secure stability for both wheelchair and transport chair modes.

Personalized Accessories

Optional front riggings, including swing-away elevated leg rests (STDELR-TF), allow you to further personalize your mobility experience.

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Elevate your mobility and embrace the versatility of the Drive Poly-Fly Wheelchair. Experience freedom of choice and reliable performance, designed to cater to your unique needs. Whether you prefer self-driving or require assistance, the Poly-Fly adapts to provide comfort, convenience, and independence throughout your journey. Explore new possibilities with Next Day Access.

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