Portable showers offer simple convenience on the go.

While portable showers can be set up anywhere that there is access to warm water, different room configurations allow for better mobility of the unit. The shower folds flat to less than 8 inches in depth and weighs less than 30 pounds, so it can be easily transported in a vehicle, providing the freedom to travel to individuals with disabilities.

The portable shower can also be easily set up in hotel rooms, eliminating the need to request a special room for shower accessibility, and the unit can be used outdoors in rest areas, campsites or even near a swimming pool.

Portable showers can be set up anywhere.

A portable shower can be set up ANYWHERE in your home – downstairs, upstairs, in the kitchen, in the hallway, even in the bedroom. Warm water comes from your sink faucet. Wastewater is pumped into the sink, shower, or toilet. After bathing, you fold the shower up and store it away. When folded, the entire unit can fit inside a closet or under a bed – and your room is once more your room.

Portable Shower Features

  • White plastic privacy shower curtain
  • Flexible rubber faucet attachments
  • Double layer vinyl drain pan
  • Custom-designed diaphragm wet/dry pump
  • Germicide embedded
  • Measurements: 48 inches (height) by 36 inches (width) by 36 inches (depth)

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