It’s no secret that winter brings its own set of challenges to those living with limited mobility or individuals using mobility devices. But while the cold weather may bring challenges, Next Day Access has the solutions for you. There are plenty of ways that you can maintain your mobility by making some minor tweaks to your equipment.

Tips for Preparing Mobility Devices

Have Your Mobility Equipment Inspected
This is a good idea to do at least on an annual basis, and the start of winter is the perfect time so you can prevent winter mishaps. Whether you use a manual wheelchair, power chair or mobility scooter, it’s a good idea to bring your device to a repair shop for a quick tune-up and inspection to make sure everything is in good working order for the winter months.

Make Additions to Your Mobility Device to Improve Traction
Once you’ve made sure your device is working properly, making a few additions to make sure it performs well on the snow and ice can be a real asset. To make your device ready for winter conditions, you can:
• Add snow tires to improve traction
• Add wheel blades that will allow your device’s wheels to glide over the snow and ice

Protect Your Power – Keep Your Battery Working
If you use a powered mobility device, having a working battery is critical. When you’re out in cold weather, your battery’s charge runs out more quickly. Wrapping your battery in a blanket can help keep it warm and preserve power when you have to go outside in the cold.

Need Help Preparing Mobility Devices?

Next Day Access is here for you, no matter the season. The residential accessibility ramp solutions we provide will perform well in any weather condition. Contact us to schedule a free consultation at your home to determine how we can best fulfill your home accessibility needs.