The aging process often gets the blame for many of the issues seniors encounter in going about their day-to-day business. Many times, though, it is the home that creates or exacerbates the problems of lessened mobility and balance.

Most residential housing is designed and built with young, healthy adults as the marketing target. People change over the years, though, but the building does not. These complications can be mitigated and that is what Next Day Access is all about.

elderly homeowner safety

Issues for Elderly Homeowners

We like to say that preparation prevents desperation. As people elect to age in place, they can begin a series of modifications to their dwelling that ease the transition. Often we hear the complaint that folks don’t want their home to take on an institutional look, but we can dispel that notion when you call us for your free, in-home estimate.

For years, bathroom bars (or grip bars) were considered a hallmark of institutional living. Now, though, the design and finish of those products is so outstanding that they are hardly noticed, blending seamlessly into the décor. They can double as towel racks, so they are twice as practical.

Elderly Homeowners’ Preparation Prevents Desperation

Modular ramps can ease access from garages to the home, and they are attractive additions that facilitate wheelchair use. And ramps can either be permanent or temporary, and they are also portable.

Getting older isn’t easy, but there’s no reason to lose the use of one’s home due to physical changes to the body. Preparation prevents desperation. Start planning now. We can help with your free, in-home estimate.

Imagine a home without barriers. Having sold tens of thousands of medical equipment items, including ramps, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, safety poles, and grab bars, we can honestly say no other company comes close to having as much experience helping those with disabilities.