If you or your loved one has experienced a recent injured or developed mobility issues, there are a variety of accessories or daily living aids to assist you or your caregiver. These solutions can help with standing, walking, and prevent further injury. At Next Day Access, we are proud to offer a wide range of accessibility and mobility products. In fact, some of these products you may not even know exist. Here are a few of our daily living aids that can make aging in place safer and more comfortable. 

Handy Handle

The Handy Handle is a small rectangular device used to assist caregivers in helping lift patients or loved ones into a standing position. It is a portable device with a non-slip grip that supports 350 pounds. The design is simple. The patient holds one side while the caregiver is gripping on the other side, lifting. The Handy Handle helps give extra leverage, preventing strain on the caregiver’s back.


The Assist-A-Tray is a couch cane with an attached tray. The cane aids users who have difficulty sitting or standing; while, the multi-use tray table has a swivel feature and rotates 360 degrees. You can use the tray to set meals or as a laptop desk. The daily living aid is compatible and easily adjustable to fit most four-legged chairs, sofas, lift chairs, and couches.

EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator

The rollator is a walking aid with a convenient seat for quick breaks while walking or traveling. With locked brakes on the wheels, it can support up to 250 pounds safely and comfortably. One of the highlights of this product is it is compact and portable, making it perfect for traveling, going to the store, or navigating around your home. And with its storage basket and an organizer pouch, it makes carrying your personal belongings easy.

PT BedCane 

Often, getting in and out of bed can become difficult. That’s why with the PT BedCane, you can safely transfer yourself from the bed. The design of the bedcane is a handle that allows the user to apply a two-handed grip, providing balance and support up to 300 pounds. The product also includes an organizer saddle bag for accessible storage. You can store your phone, reading glasses, or TV remote at your bedside.

Metro Car Handle Plus 

The Metro Car Handle Plus is a convenient device that makes it easy to get in and out of the car. Its shape allows the handle to slide into the door latch striker for extra support when sitting or standing. The non-slip ergonomic grip can provide stability and balance for up to 500 pounds. And for extra visibility at night, you can twist the end cap of the handle for a flashlight.

At Next Day Access, our main priority is to help those with limited mobility or an injury live more independently while remaining safe and comfortable. These daily living aids can make a perfect gift for your loved ones. Along with daily living aids, we also offer a variety of accessibility and mobility solutions. Contact for a free in-home safety evaluation to better understand how you can create a more comfortable and safe home.

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