Having a strict medication schedule is often important for seniors living at home. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly 90% of adults aged 65 and older take prescription medication. And a significant percentage of those people take multiple prescription drugs at the same time. Keeping them organized is essential, so the proper medication is taken at the right time and in the right quantities. A good caregiver tip is to have the medication separated in a container; so it’s easy to identify. Here are some valuable tips for managing medication safely and conveniently for seniors living at home.

Find A Good Medication Container

A good medication container will have different sections with labels to help identify the medication. Typically, the labels are letters or colored. Having multiple bottles on the counter can get confusing, and it’s easy to mix them up if they don’t end up in their original spot. It’s not worth it to take the wrong medication, so organizing it in an easy-to-use container is valuable.

Use Technology To Schedule Reminders

A good caregiver tip is to utilize technology to schedule medication reminders for seniors living at home. Smartphones and tablets are great resources for providing reminders.The reminders can be recurring, so they won’t have to be reset every time. And if your senior loved one has a hard time with technology, then you can always use a notepad to write down when to take certain medications and the appropriate doses.

Lean On Family For Support

Seniors striving for independent living will often need to lean on family members for support. Sending a text message or calling a senior loved one when it’s time to take medicine is a quick and easy way to remind them. Communication is vital for medication schedules, especially when it’s close to time for a refill. When family members talk to their senior loved ones regularly, they know when it’s almost time to refill a prescription and get ahead of it; so a dose doesn’t get missed.

At Next Day Access, we strive to help seniors enjoy independent living. Many different factors go into successful independent living, and moving around the home safely is one of them. It’s easier to stay on a medication schedule when you don’t have to struggle to get up and go to the other room to take prescription drugs. If there’s anything you need help with to make your home more accessible, contact us at any time.