It’s that time of year when the weather is warming up and the fish are starting to bite. Although many people give up some of their favorite hobbies when they become wheelchair users, fishing doesn’t have to be one of them. This spring, get outside and throw some bait on the line with these great adaptive fishing tips.

  1.       Did you know that many states offer an adaptive fishing license? You can apply for an annual resident disabled fishing license by visiting this site today:
  1.       There are tons of great accessories for wheelchair users, including fishing pole holders. This version simply clamps on to your chair and keeps a firm grip on the pole. This allows you to operate it with just one hand.
  1.       Depending on your upper strength or arm mobility, there is also a fishing pole mount option. This caster allows the user to place their forearm in a sling that rolls back and forth making it easier to operate the reel. The mount also swivels so you don’t miss that big catch.
  1.       Another option is an automated caster. Operated by simply pushing a button, it allows a virtually touch free option that does the work for you. This gives you the option to sit back and relax all while reeling in that prized bass at the same time.
  1.       Also, don’t forget you’ll need help getting your chair from place to place. With our portable wheelchair ramps and vehicle lifts, you will have everything you need to get the fishing trip off to a great start.

Want more information on how to utilize a vehicle lift or any other product that helps you get outside and enjoy the great outdoors? Contact Next Day Access today and don’t miss your shot on reeling in the big one!