“When I heard about this, I was not at all surprised,” said Bret Tharp, CEO of Next Day Access Wilmington. “John dedicates his life to being a servant and a positive influence. He represents everything we want in our company.” Needless to say, at Next Day Access, it’s always about people.

Tharp said those kind words about his employee, John Long, when Wilmington resident, Peggy Huffman, spoke about an incident that occurred at her neighbor’s house. Huffman said…

“There was a large amount of trash in my neighbor’s yard from their trash can being knocked over. I was picking it up for them and a Next Day Access employee came by and saw me. He turned around and came back to help me. He was on his way to Calabash to install a ramp. He is the type of employee you want on your team.” 

At Next Day Access, we believe in hiring people that represent our core values: Passion, Responsive, Relationship Driven, Knowledge, and We Get It. 

Every day, John symbolizes each of our core values, but in the moment, he showed what passion looks like for us. We are passionate about being responsible members of our communities and serving others. 

When asking John why he helped Huffman, he stated “my reasoning was simple, to honor God and love my neighbor as myself. I’m grateful to be able to do the work I do and work with men and women here at Next Day Access with the same heart of servitude to love our neighbors.”