When you’ve lived in your home for many years, it’s easy to get used to how everything is laid out and be comfortable with the arrangement. However, when your mobility becomes limited due to getting older or suffering an injury or disability, some adjustments may have to be made. Once you’ve identified clear problems or slowly start noticing everyday tasks and movements getting harder to do, you can take action to solve them. Whether you need a stair lift or the installation of grab bars in places, here are some of the common problems people face with accessibility, as well as the solutions.

Difficulty Using Exterior Entrance

Entering the home can sometimes get challenging since there will usually be at least one step to take. For a small step, you might be able to use a threshold ramp so you don’t have to lift your feet as high. For multiple steps, a full wheelchair ramp can be installed to provide a gradual slope for you to walk on to enter. And of course, grab bars can be installed on either side of the entryway to provide something solid to grab for stability.

The Bathtub Requires A Big Step To Enter

The bathroom is one of the most common rooms where slip-and-fall injuries occur due to wet surfaces. One way to reduce this risk is by modifying your bathtub space or installing a walk-in tub to remove the step. Grab bars are essential as well since they offer something stable to grab and improve balance. If you feel uncomfortable in the bathroom for any reason, it’s time to look into accessibility solutions before an accident happens.

Cannot Reach Items In The Kitchen

Kitchen modifications are often the most costly since there sometimes isn’t a single product to solve problems. You may have to rearrange your kitchen by moving things from the higher cabinets to the lower ones. Sink faucets that are hard to reach can be remedied by using an extension arm. Replacing your large refrigerator or freezer with a smaller one that’s easy to reach can be valuable as well so you don’t have to extend your arms as much and potentially lose your balance.

Stairs Are Challenging To Climb

Stairs are often the biggest problems people face when it comes to home accessibility. Installing a stair lift is the most obvious and effective solution and can be achieved quickly by a professional. Once it’s installed, simply sit on the seat of the stair lift, press a button and it will transport you up and down the stairs without having to lift a foot. You’ll feel much more confident navigating your stairs and can enjoy the entirety of your home more.

Next Day Access can help you identify accessibility problems in your home you didn’t even know you had. Safety is the number one priority for people living at home, and we offer accessibility products and solutions to achieve it. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a free home assessment to solve accessibility problems in the home.