As people get older, they sometimes believe they should stay at home and limit the amount of traveling they do. This is especially a common thought for elderly people with disabilities. If you have an aging parent who likes to travel, but might not feel completely safe doing so, there are several things you can do to make them feel more confident. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, roughly 23% of people with disabilities require a mobility device to travel. The good news is those devices are more readily available than ever before. Here are some tips to help you travel easily with an aging parent.

Pack All Medication In A Separate Bag

If your aging parent takes medication regularly, be sure to pack everything in separate containers with labels and put them all in a separate bag. It’s easy for medication to get mixed up when you’re away from the routine of being at home. Depending on where you’re traveling, it could also be valuable to have your parent’s doctor list out the medications they take, along with the associated conditions or medical problems they have. This could make the process of going through customs easier and lead to a better overall travel experience.

Request Special Services If Required

Plan ahead and see what special services are available at every step of your travel. If you���re traveling by airplane, this may mean requesting wheelchair service throughout your flight. Of course, if you’re driving yourself, then investing in an auto lift to carry a wheelchair or mobility scooter is a necessity. Think about the hotel you’re staying at, the activities you plan to do, the restaurants you will eat at and other parts of your trip to ensure the places offer special services your aging parent needs.

Allow For Extra Time

It’s important to allow for some extra time no matter what you’re doing on your trip. Things can happen to slow down the process, and your aging parent may not be able to make up time like you can. Getting to the airport an hour earlier than you normally would might mean you have to wait longer for your flight, but it could also make the experience less stressful. The idea is to make traveling with an aging parent as simple as possible, and giving yourself extra time for each activity is a good way to achieve this.

Plan Activities Designed For Accessibility

Make sure every activity you participate in on your trip is accessible for people with disabilities or mobility limitations. Activities will be much more enjoyable for your loved one if they can ride their mobility scooter instead of walking. Plus, you may be able to see and do more things since riding a mobility scooter is less exhausting than walking everywhere. Planning your activities accordingly can make a big difference in your overall travel experience.

Next Day Access is here to open up your options when it comes to traveling with an aging parent. Whether you need an auto lift, a mobility scooter, a wheelchair or any other mobility device, we have multiple options to choose from. Don’t let a mobility limitation force you to cancel your travel plans. Instead, give us a call and see what solutions we have available to help.