Falls are one of the leading concerns for people over age 65 in the United States. And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falling doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of the aging process and can be largely prevented. Whether you’re caring for a loved one in your home or if they are practicing independent senior living in their home, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure they are as safe as possible in the bathroom. Conduct a home evaluation and consider these tips to improve bathroom safety.

Install Grab Bars

There may not be a more important bathroom safety product to install than grab bars. Too many seniors use towel bars to hold on to for balance purposes, and many of those bars fail since they aren’t designed to hold the weight of a person. Grab bars are designed to be stronger and sturdier so seniors can maintain their balance and regain balance if they lose it. Ideal locations to install them include inside and outside the shower, by the toilet, near the sink, and other common locations.

Purchase A Shower Chair

A shower chair can be a valuable investment for seniors as they get older. Sometimes standing consecutively for several minutes can be uncomfortable and potentially unsafe. A shower chair allows them to sit down if they need to while still being able to bathe themselves. This is a relatively inexpensive bathroom product that can be valuable and essential in preventing falls in the shower.

Consider A Walk-In Tub

A walk-in tub may require significant bathroom modifications, so it’s important to evaluate current and future needs before investing in one. The benefits speak for themselves, though. With a lower threshold, seniors won’t have to step as high to get in and out of the bathtub, decreasing the risk of losing their balance and falling significantly. The anti-slip surface is also an important feature since many traditional bathtubs do not include them. If your senior loved one is becoming more limited in their mobility as they get older, then it may be time to consider a walk-in tub.

Other Bathroom Safety Products To Consider

Other common bathroom safety products include adding night lights, anti-slip rugs, bath mats, and other simple products. These are designed to help seniors see where they are going so they won’t trip as easily and can make a slippery floor safer to navigate. As you’re caring for a loved one, take note of these features in their bathroom and make simple additions or adjustments to significantly enhance safety.

At Next Day Access, we believe bathroom safety should be a top priority for caregivers taking care of senior loved ones. Most slip-and-fall accidents occur in the bathroom, and the vast majority of them are preventable. Our wide range of bathroom products can give you and your loved one some peace of mind, so contact us today to schedule a free home assessment.