People with mobility limitations often feel like they are restricted to staying inside their homes since it’s safer. Falling is a fear many seniors have, and for good reasons. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly three million elderly people are treated in emergency rooms every year because of injuries sustained due to a fall. However, the fear of falling can be reduced significantly by eliminating the greatest risks. Going up and down the stairs to your outdoor space can be dangerous to the point where you avoid it completely. Accessibility products like a wheelchair ramp, vertical platform lift or a stair lift can significantly reduce fall accidents and increase outdoor independence at the same time.

Customize A Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair ramps today can be customized to meet your physical needs as well as your aesthetic desires. Imagine being able to easily and safely walk down a wheelchair ramp to access your outdoor space rather than having to dangerously lift your feet and potentially lose your balance on stairs. And if you have a mobility scooter or a wheelchair you use frequently, accessing the outdoors will be a breeze. Having your customized wheelchair ramp installed by a professional can give you the confidence to access your outdoor space safely.

Invest In A Vertical Platform Lift

A vertical platform lift is ideal for people who have a porch with stairs. It’s designed to lift and lower you slowly from your porch, while allowing you to remain in your wheelchair or scooter. Depending on the layout of your outdoor area, it could be more space-efficient to have a vertical platform lift installed rather than a wheelchair ramp. Think of it like an elevator where you don’t have to put forth much effort to get from one level to the next.

An Outdoor Stair Lift Lets You Enjoy Your Space Safely

An outdoor stair lift is ideal for people who can get around by walking, but may have balance issues or other concerns with using stairs. Simply sit on the stair lift, press a button and you’ll be safely transported up and down to access your space. The stair lift can attach to your existing porch or deck and is sturdy enough to make you feel safe and secure while operating it. Many people find they enjoy their outdoor space much more when they don’t have to worry about the dangers of using the stairs, and a stair lift is a great way to make it happen.

Next Day Access enjoys turning desires into realities when it comes to creating outdoor independence for seniors. Our products and workmanship are guaranteed, and we are happy to customize any product to fit your specific needs. When you’re ready to enjoy more of your outdoor space, give us a call to schedule a free evaluation of your home. We will consider your needs and desires and make the right product recommendations and solutions to ensure you can enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest extent.