People with mobility concerns should take proper precautions to make their living space safer. Stairs are often difficult to navigate for aging adults, but even things like raised entries in doorways can be problematic and create trip hazards.

According to the National Council on Aging, nearly three million injuries treated in emergency rooms annually are the result of falling. Many of these falls could have been prevented by installing a wheelchair ramp or a simple threshold ramp to make walking smoother. When you’re starting the process of looking for a wheelchair ramp, consider these factors.

Surface Options For Wheelchair Ramps

The surface option you choose for your wheelchair ramp depends on personal preference as well as the location where you live. A solid surface is the most common and is the type of surface you usually see around commercial buildings. If you live in an area where you get a lot of winter weather, you may consider an open-weave surface since it provides more traction. Custom surfaces are also available if you need a mix of a solid surface on the landing area, but prefer an open-weave surface for the inclined area. Think about your needs and there’s likely a ramp that can suit them.

Consider A Portable Wheelchair Ramp

A portable wheelchair ramp can be a valuable investment if you leave your home regularly. Leaving your home could mean anything from traveling across the country in your vehicle or simply running errands around town. The length of a portable wheelchair ramp can be anywhere from 2’ to 6’ long and up to 34” wide. And the great thing about portable wheelchair ramps is they can be used regularly at home and then loaded up into your vehicle when you’re on the go.

A Threshold Ramp Solves Many Needs

A threshold ramp is commonly used at entryways of homes to eliminate the need of having to go up the stairs or install a complete wheelchair ramp. They are sturdy and have a stable surface for full-time use. Anyone in a wheelchair can feel safe wheeling themselves up a threshold ramp, and even the caregiver assisting them can feel secure and won’t have to expend as much effort to help them up or down the ramp. Extra-wide threshold ramps are also available if you have wider entryways.

Next Day Access understands there are many different components to investing in a wheelchair ramp for your home. You want to balance your physical needs with the aesthetics of your home, which can be difficult to do at times. Luckily, we offer plenty of customization options to suit most needs and find the perfect balance. The ultimate goal is to ensure your safety is the number one concern with any wheelchair ramp installation we do, but we also consider what looks great for your home. If you’d like to talk through some ideas with our professionals, give us a call to schedule a free home assessment.